Meet Some Parents

Barbara and her children Katie and John – Littleton, MA

I am so glad I chose to send my two children, ages 8 and 9, to The Marcus Lewis Day Camp this summer. It was their first experience with all day camp, and they absolutely loved it. My son was the most timid about going to a day camp, and when I picked them up after the first day his first words were “It is so cool here, Mom! Can I go next week, too?” There were several aspects that make this camp so special for my children and other campers.

The staff is first rate. I was pleased to see that the counselors are college age or older, and their maturity and enthusiasm were quite apparent when I observed them with the campers. They were always smiling and interacting with the campers when I picked them up at the end of the day. Sometimes a few counselors told me about Kate and John’s day. I was so impressed that the director always made an effort to approach each car at pick up time, and say hi and make a comment about the child’s day. The staff always made me feel connected to my children’s camp experience.

John and Kate loved the activities offered at The Marcus Lewis Day Camp. They enjoyed learning new swim strokes, and loved going out on the canoes with other campers and counselors. John can’t wait to try sailing when he gets a bit older. Water safety is a huge issue with me, and again, I felt re-assured with an older staff and certified instructors supervising the campers.

The computer class and archery were a big hit with both of my children. Kate got to actually look up the definitions of the words that the camp uses for their philosophy: sincerity, perseverance, interaction, responsibility, integrity and teamwork (S.P.I.R.I.T.) They also received beads each day (that they could string on a piece of leather on their backpacks), for exhibiting any of these qualities during camp time. And, believe me, they loved comparing stories of how they received a certain bead that day!
The biggest hit was the end of the week theme day on Fridays. One week they had ‘Carnival Day’. The rain didn’t stop the staff from creating numerous fun games for the campers INDOORS! The pie in the councilor’s face was a huge hit, along with relay races, face painting, hula hoop contests and it went on and on.

In closing, I always felt my children were safe at this camp. They are very strict about showing identification at pick up time, and I’m thrilled that they seem to go the extra mile in all aspects of the camp to ensure safety at all times for the campers. John and Kate felt a part of a tight group, had tons of fun, learned new skills, and would strive to achieve rewards for positive behavior. They were given tender loving care, and made to feel so special as an individual, and were praised constantly. John said to me, “Tim says I’m SO good at Frisbee golf, and the swim teacher can’t believe how well I do the crawl!” What more could we want? We look forward to seeing everyone next year!