The MLDC Parent Program

Are you a parent who is interested in working with our camp this summer and would like to trade your time for our child care resources? If so, then we may have a position for you with us.

Our program is holding a finite number of camper spaces for parents who are available for a minimum of four weeks out of the summer. For every week of assistance you give, the camp will provide two weeks of either our Junior Discovery or Teen Exploration program; a value of over $1,000/week! In other words, if you work with us for four weeks, one of your children can attend for the entire summer or two of your children can attend for four weeks. We can prorate the cost if you have more than two children who wish to attend.

Applicants are expected to go through an interview process, CORI/SORI checks and other background examinations similar to our other staff prior to joining the program. If you are a parent, love being around kids and would like to participate in the environment that cares for your child during the summer months, please contact our assistant director at