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Unconditional Service Guarantee

If you read some of the other sections on this site, we make some very strong statements. We talk about our ability to help develop your child and the superior environment we can create for him/her. We mention our first-rate staff and our unparalleled commitment to safety protocols. We emphasize our unique methods of providing both an intellectual and a recreational atmosphere.

At The MLDC, we also believe that if an organization truly believes in its product or service, then it should be willing to guarantee that product or service.

If your child participates in our camp and does not enjoy him/herself or we cannot address your concerns to your satisfaction, then you are entitled to a “no questions asked” refund. A guarantee of this nature is unprecedented in the camping industry and to the best of our knowledge the MLDC is the only camping organization that will stand behind such a pledge. We realize that premium day camps are not inexpensive and therefore you should certainly recieve your money’s worth!