Camp Watersport

This is the big one that we have been wanting to launch since our inception nearly 10 years ago. We have tried endlessly to develop the one element that seems to stand above all others at summer camp. Many overnight programs offer a waterskiing or tubing component in their curriculums, but to our knowledge, there has only been one day camp within a 50 mile radius that has ever offered it in this area. Beginning in 2012, there will be two camps.

We have secured a location on Heart Pond in Chelmsford, acquired a few speed boats, a pontoon boat and equipment such as water skis, tubes, and knee boards (yes, we will even offer kneeboarding) and we are now prepared to launch it for next year. Campers who are registered for this camp will spend either their mornings or their afternoons having the time of their life making waves for a few hours each day. At the current price per week, this will be the least expensive camp with such an option and campers will spend more time doing it each day than at any other program. The one caveat to parents is that there are a limited number of slots and it would not be surprising if it fills up immediately. If you are certain your child would like to do this program, it would be advisable to register prior to November 14th during our early registration period. Campers will also need to pass a Red Cross Level 4 swim test prior to participating.

A tremendous advantage with all of our specialty camps is that campers can participate in the many other activities that are offered during the afternoons by joining in with their Junior Discovery group or the Teen Exploration program.

Campers registered for specialty programs also have the option of taking the morning off from their specialty to join the Junior Discovery or Teen Exploration camps if they would prefer instead to participate in those activities. Again, there is fantastic flexibility with these programs so that your camper returns to you with a wonderful smile and great stories to share.

Dates and rates for this and all camps can be accessed via the link menu on the left or by clicking here. Our exceptional lunch program is also included with this camp.

Sample Daily Schedule For Camp Watersport :

Opening Meeting & activity selections
Off to Watersports!
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Activity 2
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