Roberta and her daughters Abby, Anna and Jessica - Groton, MA

robertaMy three daughters - ages 8,6.5 & 6.5 - had limited camp experience prior to attending MLDC. Since they are young and reluctant to try new things I only enrolled them in the 1/2 day program for week 3 of the camp.

Well, after a very tumultuous drop-off the 1st day (which the MLDC staffers handled brilliantly and calmly) I was convinced that the rest of the week was going to be like pulling teeth just to get the girls to camp. Yet, when I picked the girls up on the 1st half day, they jumped in the car and exclaimed "we don't want to leave!" "Can we stay" they went on, "we're going to miss this activity and that activity." 'Mommy" they pleaded "can we please go full-day the rest of the week and do extended day!"

Wow, I was pleasantly surprised and called the MLDC office to see about getting them in full-time for the remainder of the week. That was not a problem. Marcus (he is a real person!) & his staff go as far as they need to in order make parents & children have the best, most comfortable experience possible. We are already looking forward to future camp experiences where safety is utmost, great learning takes place and lots of laughs are had by all!