Rhonda and her daughters Kayla and Caryssa - Lancaster, MA

rhondaI learned about the Marcus Lewis Day Camp through a flyer that I received in the mail this past Spring. There are not a lot of camps available for children over the age of thirteen, so I was very pleased to find a camp that offered programs up until age sixteen.

As I have always worked full-time, my daughters, aged fourteen and twelve, have participated in a variety of Summer camps and recreation programs. Our experience this past Summer with the Marcus Lewis Day Camp has truly been the most enjoyable and fulfilling. The girls attended the camp for three weeks and I believe this was not long enough for them. They really enjoyed all the electives that were offered to them and the wonderful staff.

Marcus Lewis offers such a wonderful variety of electives that the children can choose from. Some of the electives are educational, some character building and some just plain "fun". Both the girls and I also enjoyed the fantastic staff at Marcus Lewis. They were always energized, enthusiastic and positive influences on the girls. They always worked as a team and taught the girls how important it is to be a team player.

In addition, Marcus Lewis offered an extended day program for working parents who need that little bit of extra time for traveling etc. This was great for me as I have a 40 minute commute. The extended day program kept the girls occupied with several different activities from computers to arts and crafts and allowed me the peace of mind of knowing that they were safe and in good hands until I was out of work.

I highly recommend this camp to children of all ages and anticipate that my girls will be attending again in the Summer of 2004 with hopes that it will be available for my four year old when she is old enough.