Martha's son's, Domenic, Anna & Dino - Acton, MA

Martha"My three kids (ages 12, 10, and 7) are experienced day campers. They tried Marcus Lewis Day Camp for the first time this past summer, for two weeks, including Junior Discovery Camp, Day Trip Adventures, and Horseback Camp. I knew it was a great choice when after the second day, they were already talking about which Marcus Lewis camps they wanted to try next summer! During that first week, it rained practically every day, but my kids were as excited with the indoor activities as they were outdoors on sunny days…another mark of an outstanding camp. One reason for this, I noticed, is that even quieter activities, including a wide range of crafts and games, include quality materials and quality instruction. At other camps, my kids were often bored on rainy days.

Junior Discovery Camp lets campers choose their daily activities. Marcus has figured out that when you let kids do what they really want to do, they have a better time. The variety of choices is HUGE, and there are fun surprises thrown in - for example, my daughter was excited to choose a short bus trip to Kimball's one day. She also loved her week at Horseback Camp, which provides expert instruction on grooming and riding, and my older son came home raving about Day Trip Adventures, such as paintball and white water rafting.

As a parent, there are MANY things I appreciate about Marcus Lewis Day Camp. Marcus hires excellent counselors, and while the kids are challenged with activities like the massive climbing wall and ropes, he clearly puts safety and security first. I also appreciate the flexibility of being able to schedule one week at a time, versus locking into a specific two-week or month-long block as some other camps require. Marcus rewards referring other kids to camp, so I invited my kids' friends to go with them and got a good-sized refund later on in the summer. My youngest son especially appreciated having his best friend join him. I also love that lunch is provided - the kids got to set up their own healthy menu for the week, and I was spared having to pack bag lunches like I did for other camps. Finally, I wanted my younger kids to get swim lessons, and Red Cross swim instruction is provided three times each week at Junior Discovery Camp.

I think one of the smartest things Marcus does is listen to his customers - including both parents and kids. Instead of using a standard formula for day camps, he really pursues and listens to feedback, and finds out-of-the-box ways to accommodate. If you want your kids to have a quality summer camp experience, you can't go wrong with Marcus Lewis Day Camp."