Laura & her daughter Kristen - Bedford, MA

lauraIn the words of my daughter, "Marcus Lewis is the most fun camp I've ever been to because it has unbelievable choices of what you can do and awesome counselors who always help and understand you. They always think of the campers first. The lake is usually really warm and there are fun games and songs that everyone enjoys. Some of the choices are really cool, like in cooking you can make your own lunch and it tastes really good.

In performing arts they have a play every summer which you put on for the camp. I really love the themes every week like pirate week. We have beach parties and dancing with a DJ and lots of games. That is why I love Marcus Lewis and soon hope to be a counselor there!"

As you can tell, Kristen just loves going to camp! She has been attending for several years and can't wait to go back again. She loves her counselors and each summer she makes so many new friends. I am very impressed with the staff, how well the camp is run, and the wonderful experiences and opportunities my daughter is offered. This past summer she learned how to scuba dive - how awesome is that! This is no ordinary day camp. I wouldn't send her anywhere else."