Meghan - Groton, MA

meghanWhen my daughter Meghan first went to Marcus Lewis Day Camp she was nervous. That first morning driving over there we talked the whole ride of what we thought it would be like. Then in the afternoon when I picked up, the smile on her face told me it was better than she thought. She has continued to go for 3 years now, and loves every day.

This past session she participated in the Chef's Kitchen, where they were able to learn about cooking and created a kid-friendly three course meal. She said the "Chef guy was cool and I learned a lot." One of Meghan's favorite parts of the MLDC camp is the concept of unity. She never feels left out or that one group does more than another group. The spirit bracelet is a great concept, as it assists Meghan in learning about herself and positive reinforcement. I think that is the beauty of this camp; that the kids learns life long lessons and they don't seem to realize it.

The message of MLDC is consistent at all levels of interaction. Meghan feels the message about caring for your peers and respecting feelings. At the end of her session there, she had made new friends and learned new activities, which makes the experience fun and exciting but also sad when she leaves for the last time. She has no complaints about the camp, except she can't go the whole summer. She is looking for to next summer and is anxiously anticipating the fun and the new friends.