Kenyon and his dog Niko - Harvard, MA

kenyon"My youngest child has always prefered staying home and playing in the neighborhood to going to camp. We kept trying different camps for half days, one week at a time and we always felt we were dragging him somewhere to 'go have fun.'

Kenyon started at Ultimate Tennis Camp at The Marcus Lewis Tennis Camp the year before Marcus started the day camp. This time Kenyon looked forward to going to camp and loved the competition for prizes and the skills that were set up as lively games. The next year I saw a flyer for MLDC and I called right away. I decided that this would be the guinea camp of that summer. We started at half days for a few weeks and Kenyon soon wanted more weeks of camp.

Marcus was flexible, so we just added weeks of camp as we went along. By the next year he was there almost the entire summer for full days. At the end of the day he even wanted to stay with the after camp kids until 5 or 6PM! He has gone to MLDC every year since then for most of the summer.

What makes this camp so special? Kenyon says that he loves the counselors and he says that he can choose what to do every day, every week. He says that he can play with all age kids and he can do sports all day if he wants to or not. He says that he has tried everything and finds his favorite things for that summer and dives in. He loves the fact that he can choose what to do, change his mind,and try new things if he feels ready. I like the fact that Marcus has been flexible, allowing us to add weeks, try an adventure day/go back to regular camp, try tennis/go back to regular camp.

This past summer was difficult because Kenyon injured both feet while playing soccer in the spring. He went to camp for the first three weeks and was told to get off his feet for the rest of the summer, finally getting both feet in casts. Marcus let him try to go to camp but Kenyon was unable to do anything he wanted to do and we had to take him out of camp for the rest of the summer. Marcus was supportive, sympathetic and flexible. While Kenyon was sitting home, frustrated that he couldn't do anything that required using his feet, he told me that he wanted to go to MLDC all next summer and hopes to be a counselor there as soon as he is old enough. All this from a kid who 'never liked camp!'

MLDC is not just a regular camp. It is a place where kids are individuals and where the staff makes camp home. Kenyon feels completely comfortable and understood and appreciated for his unique self.

MLDC has been great for my son. I wish his older siblings had had the opportunity to go!"