Kathy & Bob with their children Maggie and Charlie Jamaica Plain, MA

kathy"My 8-year-old daughter Maggie had the time of her life at Marcus Lewis Day Camp. She is a horseback riding enthusiast, and I found the camp after searching on the internet. It is one of the few camps to offer riding for younger kids.

The riding program was excellent, but the thing that surprised me most was how much she loved everything else, too. Maggie enjoyed the boating, swimming and nature activities as much as the horseback riding. The counselors were FABULOUS. They did a great job of making her feel comfortable right away. When I picked Maggie up the first day, she had a huge smile on her face and told me, "Even the bus ride to the stables was fun!" The counselor had played word games with kids on the bus.

The camp does a great job communicating with parents and provides a weekly newsletter detailing the week's activities. Everything is very well organized. We live in Boston and I was worried that the commute would be difficult, but it only took about an hour, and now that I know how well run the camp is, I'd even consider having Maggie take the bus. Maggie is really looking forward to coming back this summer and her brother will be joining her as well."