Gail and her children Caroline and Olivia - Westford, MA

gailWhat a wonderful camp experience my six and seven-year-old daughters had this summer at Marcus Lewis Day Camp! This is the first time we enrolled our girls in day camp. We came across the program one day while browsing the web. The website itself was very informative. There were so many activities to choose from and we were impressed with how the daily activities were driven by the campers choice and not by a predetermined schedule. We decided to enroll the girls for one week to "try it out". We went to the Open House prior to camp starting. There the girls got to meet several counselors and learn about what to expect over the summer. The facilities at the Bromwell School were impressive and the grounds were inviting. I wish there was a camp like this when I was young!

When we arrived the first day, we were greeted by the same familiar faces of the staff members we met during the Open House. Needless to say, the girls were a little hesitant to leave my side however, this was short-lived once they met their counselors, Lauren and Courtney. They warmly greeted the girls by first name, took them by the hand and showed them to their lockers. My usually-hesitant children must have felt very safe because soon they were sending me off!! It was absolutely heart warming to hear my two excited children tell me all about the fun activities they did each day. Even more unbelievable was how they woke up early each morning, dressed and ready to go for camp! During the year, my girls attend a day care center in our town. Getting them dressed and motivated to go to the center is a chore and they never beg me to go back. Usually they beg me to stay home!

My daughters were excited to try activities they never got to try before like fishing, boating, and archery. They loved earning their S.P.I.R.I.T beads and my youngest daughter was so proud to have earned the Spirit Award for her group. The personalized attention my children received made me feel as if they were the only campers there! All of the staff members were so helpful and positive. As I observed the staff interact with the children, it was obvious that they genuinely cared for the children and were having as much fun as the campers! I felt secure leaving my children at camp each day and it really put my mind at ease knowing that they were going to have a great time. Drop-off and pick-up time was very well organized and so convenient. I never had to leave the car. My only regret is that I did not sign up for more weeks. We are already planning on spending a good portion of next summer at Marcus Lewis Day Camp.

The Marcus Lewis Day Camp is truly a special place for and about kids. I would recommend it without reservation.