Eva & Doug with their children Katherine and Michael - Acton, MA

eva"The best part of my summer day is picking up two children who burst into the van with smiles and a litany of fun and exciting events to share. For two years running, Marcus Lewis Day Camp has been the reason for this happening. At the completion of the camp year the first words as they enter the van is, 'Can we come back next summer?'

We have a daughter and son, 9 and 12 years old, so keeping both engaged and safe at the same place is always a challenge. They have had camp sessions and special focus camp weeks at the other two big area day camps and they don't want to go back.

When you ask them what makes the Marcus Lewis Day Camp so special they both agree, the best counselors! I watch these counselors greet my children by name each day. The counselors remember activities and likes and dislikes of the children. They engage the children in conversations and best of all, they interact with them in games and activities. My kids are treated with the respect and individuality they deserve all while having fun and learning new things along the way.

The ability to make choices for what happens each day is the other reason they so love this camp. As a Junior Discovery attendee, my 9 year old daughter works with her group to choose the days plans. As a Teen Exploration camper, my 12 year old son gets to choose his whole day. It is great to ask what was offered and why he made the choices he did and to get a thoughtful reply. He has learned to get the most of the activities in his old favorites areas as well as to use the camp to try new things.

The special weekly events, the occasional field trips, the spectacular counselors, and the great facilities (rain or shine) make this camp the only place for our family."