Dave & Carla with their children Caroline and Molly - Littleton, MA

carla This was a great summer for our two girls as they had their first experience with day camp. It was a learning experience for all of us. The kids did one session at the Marcus Lewis Day Camp. It was great! They loved every minute of it. They couldn't wait to get there each morning and wanted to stay longer at the end of the day. The counselors were fabulous with both girls. Our older daughter is more quiet and reserved. She had more doubts about going. Her doubts disappeared the first day. She loved being able to choose her activities. She especially loved learning about the skills involved with the canoes and kayaks.

Later in the summer for comparison purposes we sent the kids to a surrounding town's less expensive recreation day camp. Our eight year-old was fine, but she did not love it as much. Our eleven year-old did not care for her experience at all. The conversations between campers and counselors was many times inappropriate. She did not end up even finishing the week! We learned our lesson.

We thank The Marcus Lewis staff for giving our kids a fun, safe and nurturing camp experience.