Ann & John with their daughter Natalie - Stow, MA

ann"Our daughter was 8 years old three summers ago when we discovered the Marcus Lewis Day Camp. It was her first experience joining any camp or, for that matter, a summer group of any kind. She was shy and reluctant and I wasn't sure I was doing the right thing at the time. But, at pick up that very first afternoon, my daughter jumped into the car full of smiles and stories of how great her day was. She had made two friends and was already asking if she could come back for a second week of camp. I was thrilled and no longer concerned whether she was going to be happy. She finished her third year at Marcus Lewis this past summer, and this year, we granted her the second week she had been eager to have.

It's very clear that Marcus Lewis hires counselors who treat the kids with respect and kindness and who set the best tone for each day by genuinely having fun themselves. The camp makes it exciting with a different theme each week and the opportunity for the kids to decide, as a group, what activities they would like to do for the day. Natalie has never reported a bad experience or even the slightest disappointment. She's especially excited for next year since she'll be old enough to be in the Teen Exploration camp and she'll be able to choose her daily activities on her own. I imagine she'll be spending a lot of time at the lake either swimming or boating, or at the climbing tower (she proudly made it to the top this year), or at archery, or in arts and crafts, or mad science or on the atomic drop!

I confidently and happily recommend the Marcus Lewis Day Camp to any parent wanting an exciting, safe and fun environment for their child. And, with the option of choosing a minimum of one week at a time, it's very easy to fit into a busy summer schedule.

We will be back next year!