Compare Local Camps

Here at The Marcus Lewis Day Camp, we are proud of the services we offer and of the price that we offer them at. If you are interested in finding out how other, local day camps of a similar nature compared to our base camp for 2016, please look below:

Camp Thoreau
Camp Nashoba
Camp Sewataro
Camp Pomposit - ticut
Summer Fenn
Concord Academy*
Cost per one week
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No Option
No Option
No Option
No Option
Cost per two weeks
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Cost per four weeks
[More Info]
Cost per eight weeks
[More Info]
Weekly commitment only
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Unconditional Service Guarantee
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"Awarded "Best of the Northeast"
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Transportation services
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100% choice / progression curriculum
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Extensive waterfront program
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Company - owned buses (not contracted)
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* Pricing is for 2015 and may have increased for 2016